Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Jude Antics

Jude is about 16 months old now. It's been a while since I wrote about what Jude's doing lately. So here's a brief list:

  • recently started learning to take naps in crib
  • spins around in circles for fun (self-taught)
  • learns and repeats words on first hearing, if he's interested
  • puts on cowboy hat whenever he has the chance
  • pushes little tractor around house until parents get tired of helping him turn it at every corner
  • puts his head on one's shoulder when asked for a "hug"
  • predicts what's happening next (says "bye" when I'm getting ready to leave for work; points at my shoes and says "off" when I come back from walking the dog)
  • plays with Maggie by picking up her toys or bones and giving them to her
  • likes to grab or sit on Maggie's tail (we're trying to get him to stop)
  • asks people to read books to him all the time
  • holds phone toy next to his ear and says "hello" (sounds like "allo")
  • kicks balls around the house like a soccer player (and like Maggie)
  • sits on rocking horse by himself and rocks back and forth and says "riding" (sounds like "wy-deeen, wy-deeen, wy-deeen")
  • says "riding" when sitting on rocking chair or glider, etc.
  • for a while was saying "good morning" ("mor-neeen") as a general greeting
  • indicates that his toy whale is "in the water" by pointing at the floor and saying "water" (sounds like "wah, wah, wah...")
  • does same with toy boats
  • corrects Maggie, when she picks up a sock or toy, by wagging his index finger at her and saying "No! No! No!" in a baby-harsh tone while he walks toward her or chases her around the house

He also learns new signs quickly, often combining the sign with the word. I put him on an ottoman and said he was on "top" as I patted the ottoman with both hands. Later in the day, he started saying "top" and using the same hand gesture I had used -- palms down, in a downward patting motion.

You can see he's really starting to learn and explore the world at an exciting pace. And, he's as delightfully happy and nice as ever.