Friday, October 06, 2006

German restaurant - My new favorite lunch spot

One of my co-workers recently directed me to a new German restaurant here in Jacksonville that serves authentic German cuisine -- along with a full pizzeria menu for the less adventurous patrons. This is my new favorite lunchtime spot. The role of Jamie's favorite lunch spot was recently vacated when the local pizza-and-subs restaurant "Duo's" closed.

My new favorite is the "German Schnitzel Haus." The owner operated a restaurant in his home town of Kiel, Germany, for 27 years before coming to Jacksonville to start this one. He even brought over the furniture from the old restaurant. It definitely looks German.

The two dishes I had have been great. I tried the wiener schnitzel and the jagerschnitzel. Both delicious. The side dish was incredible -- Bratkartoffeln (slices of sautéed potatoes with bacon).