Friday, June 03, 2005

Visit to South Florida

The whole family (Charline, Jude, me) went down to South Florida last weekend. That was a long drive for Jude, but he handled it well. We made stops for feedings, since we didn't want to drive with him out of his car seat. Other than that, the drive was business as usual.

Once down there, we introduced Jude to friends of Charline's family. He was a hit. They put up with some fussing and complimented him enough to make him smile now and then.

Charline and I had an anniversary dinner at a Caribbean-styled restaurant called Bahama Breeze. (More on our anniversary later, perhaps.) On another day, we went out to dinner with a large group to celebrate the 50th birthday of a family friend. We ate at an interesting buffet restaurant called "The Ark." The interior is designed to look vaguely like the inside of an old ship. The buffet was great. My favorite item was the crab cakes with buffalo sauce.