Friday, December 16, 2005

Gas main breaks in our neighborhood

We had a little excitement in our neighborhood recently when a main gas line broke during some construction a few blocks directly east of our house. It was quite an event. The city evacuated 20 square blocks. The Red Cross swooped in with buses to help people who did not have cars. The news crews reported throughout the night. The fire department devoted all their resources to shutting down the leak and clamping off the pipes. The gas company did what they could to avoid an explosion that would lead to the Great Fire of 2005.

Charline found out about it right away when Dad called her to tell her the news. I think he heard it on the radio. She could smell the gas already, so she took Jude and Maggie (the dog) to my parents house in Fruit Cove, south of Jacksonville.

We returned home the next day and everything was fine. The fire department and the gas company avoided a disaster. The neighborhood was intact. All is well.

Jax Gas Main Breaks: from First Coast News
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Jax Gas Main Breaks: from Yahoo! News