Monday, April 24, 2006

Rotavirus strikes the Bargers

Last week, Charline caught the very pesky rotavirus while babysitting for a one-year-old child of some friends. They didn't know he was sick when they dropped him off, but it soon became apparent. A pediatrician diagnosed it as rotavirus.

So, I stayed home Thursday and Friday to take care of Jude and Charline. Fortunately, Jude never got sick. By Saturday, Charline was feeling normal again. Of course, that's when I came down with the bug. Then, I spent the whole weekend in bed.

Rotavirus was a pretty horendous experience. I don't recommend it. I can only imagine how bad a one-year-old child would feel, if afflicted with this abomination. It apparently much worse for children, as you would guess.

rotavirus explained on Wikipedia