Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More cute stuff Jude does

Some things Jude's been doing or saying lately that I'd like to remember...

  • stomps his little foot once and says "Nowwww!" to emphasize requests, but usually with a smile or laugh... e.g. "Jude play outside... Nowwww!"
  • lists things explicitly, such as "[That's] Mama's car and Dada's car and Jude's car and Maggie's car too." (he likes to use the word "too")
  • likes to use the word "maybe" and almost always uses it correctly, though sometimes in funny ways
  • told Charline yesterday "Maybe Mama looks good" when she put on her white dress with red flowers (one of her maternity dresses, of course)
  • loves picking up one or two rocks whenever he finds some, and gives to people to hold for him
  • has been playing with two clear, plastic "rocks" my mother enclosed with an anniversary card for Charline and me (labeled "Imagine" and "Remember")
  • learned to put those two rocks in the pockets of his shorts and kept doing that for the past two days
  • awoke yesterday and immediately said "Jude no pants. Jude no pockets. Where's Jude's rocks?" (I got his shorts for him and found the rocks and he was thrilled.)
  • sits at the piano and sings songs that always go like this "Happy birthday Mama... Happy birthday Dada... Happy birthday granddaddy... Happy birthday ba-ba... Happy birthday nana... Happy birthday Maggie..." (though not all those together most of time... usually just one or two)
  • learned and likes to sing practically the entire "Old MacDonald" song! (at least the "cow" part with a "moo, moo" and the chorus)

I could go on and on. It's really a joy to watch him growing and learning and exploring. He seems to be a very sweet kid at this age.