Thursday, February 17, 2005

Fly-By Cafe at St. Augustine airport

I ate at the Fly-By Cafe at the St. Augustine airport a couple days ago. The place has a great atmosphere, with huge murals of flying planes covering the walls. The murals and the rest of the interior design conjure up images of the time when barnstorming was in its heyday.

The guy behind the bar was taking all the orders and waiting on the tables. One guy hidden behind the wall behind the bar was frying up the food with some hard core music blaring from his confines. He didn't turn the music up quite so loud until about the time the sun went down outside the large windows, which look out across the runway and hangers.

The medium-rare cheeseburger with bacon and mushrooms was cooked just right and served with a hefty helping of thick fries.

This place is a great respite for anyone cruising along the old US 1 highway, just north of St. Augustine. Just look for the airport and stop in.

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