Thursday, August 18, 2005

Topamax: Day 1 + Axert x 2

I'm calling this "Day One" of my "Topamax Experiment" (or "Good-bye Migraines"). I took my first Topamax tablet last night, so that was "Day Zero."

As usual, I felt a headache coming on already today, before noon. I just took my first Axert tablet, instead of my usual dose of two Excedrin pills. I'll post at the end of the day to say how things went.

The Axert is the other part of this experiment, even though it's not really related to the Topamax. My pseudo-doctor (more on that later) just happened to prescribe the Topamax and the Axert at the same time. She also gave me a sample of Relpax to try. I'll give that a spin after I've had a go at Axert. It serves the same purpose.

What do I mean by "pseudo-doctor?" On my last two visits to my neurologist, I ended up seeing a nurse practitioner instead. Nobody asked me. I just made my normal appointment with the doctor. But, it was a nurse practitioner who saw me and prescribed the medicine. On the first visit, I think she said the doctor wasn't there that day. I remember thinking maybe he had taken the day off unexpectedly. But, on the next visit, when I found out I'd be seeing the nurse again, I asked about the situation and was told that everyone sees the nurse on "follow-up visits" now.

What's up with that?! Isn't almost every visit a "follow-up visit?" It sounds like the only time this doctor's patients will actually see him is on their very first visit. Maybe the loophole is to claim that each visit is for a completely new and different problem and is, therefore, not a "follow-up visit."

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