Thursday, August 18, 2005

Topamax: Day 1, Part 2 (Nap time, anyone?)

The Axert eliminated the headache within about half an hour, as advertised. But, the pain returned before the workday was over. Maybe within about four hours? So, I took my second Axert. It also dispatched the pain quickly. A little pain returned before the day was over, but not a full-blown headache.

Each Axert made me really, really tired. I'm not used to medication making me that tired, even when the label says it might. It's funny that the solution I normally use -- Excedrin -- does exactly the opposite. The caffeine in Excedrin makes me hyper and energized and jittery. As a practical matter, the latter solution is more conducive to a productive work day. The down-side is that the experts say taking Excedrin all the time leads to "rebound" headaches -- headaches triggered by too much caffeine. (I think that's what triggers them. But, don't quote me.)

I only had two Axert tablets to try. Next, I'll try Relpax to eliminate a headache.

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